Clubs In Public Schools

Clubs In Public Schools


  • Thanks to a 2001 Supreme Court ruling, religious organizations like ours can now teach children about Jesus right inside the public schools. Read the synopsis of the ruling HERE
  • All children are required to have a registration form signed by their parent or guardian in order to attend Good News Club®.

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  • School GNC™s are after-school Bible clubs that meet one afternoon each week in the public elementary schools.
  • Elementary-aged children from the school are invited to attend, as well as the children and grandchildren of the team members.
  • The club begins right after school typically with snacks and game time.
  • Children learn lessons from the Bible and are taught how to apply those lessons to their lives, for both now and the future.
  • Relevant verses are taught at each club. The children not only memorize the verses, but they learn how to find them in their Bible and what it means to them, as a saved or unsaved child. They also learn how to apply it to their lives, and then, through a fun game, they truly memorize the Scripture.
  • Children are taught how to have a quiet time at home, so they can read and understand the Bible for themselves.
  • The children are taught meaningful songs, learn about missionaries and play a review game each week to help cement together the concepts they’ve learned during that day’s club.
  • It is a fast-paced, exciting 2 hours, with lots of fun and solid teachings from the Bible!

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