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Our Team

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Local Missionary Directors

John & Lynn McAllister

Committee Chair
Allan Groves

Committee Member
Rissa Larson

Administrative Assistant
Jonna Black

Irene Gudgeon

Vice Chair
Dwight Dickson

Committee Member
Darrell Peeler

Committee Member
Ken Hendrix

Committee Member
Nancy Grant

Ministry Coordinator
Tanya White

Committee Members
Bill & Jeanette Prine


We sincerely desire to reach “Every Child, Every Nation, Every Day.” Scripture forms the foundation for this ministry vision.


Carolyn Latham

Carolyn served with us for several years in Good News Club®s at St. Bethlehem and Burt Elementary Schools to be with her granddaughter, Hailie, whom she was raising.

John Alkire

John served at the Glen Ellen Elementary Good News Club® for as long as he could, even while taking treatments for cancer.

Gloria Chambliss

Mrs. Gloria was the reason we even had a Good News Club® at East Cheatham Elementary. Not being tech savvy at all, she would contact the CEF® office when she needed more fliers, and she would personally take them to talk with pastors about starting a Good News Club®. The first year of club, her great grandson believed on Jesus as Savior. Mrs. Gloria was thrilled!

Kamara & Alexander

Kamara & Alexander died in a house fire shortly after the Montgomery Central Good News Club® ended that school year. Even children die. We were so thankful to know that both children had believed on Jesus in Good News Club®.

Harold Witmer

Harold was on the very first Committee for the Greater Clarksville Chapter. He loved Jesus and knew everybody. He never met a stranger and the term ‘networker’ was an understatement. It was not uncommon for him to put you on the spot to give your testimony to someone he had just introduced you to!.


Oliver died unexpectedly over summer break. We will never forget hearing from his mom about his sudden passing. He and his younger sister had been in our Good News Club® for several years. We know without a doubt that he is in heaven.

Jimmy Johnson

Jimmy was part of our very first Good News Club® in Dickson County. He was great with the kids and his smile and laugh was contagious!

Phil Buckner

Mr. Phil was a Committee member for many years, along with his precious wife, Sandy. They served in the Dickson Elementary Good News Club® and then started the Vanleer Good News Club®.

What we are

We are a chapter of a large, interdenominational ministry, called Child Evangelism Fellowship®.We are the Greater Clarksville Chapter.

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Our Culture

The Importance of Godly Leadership at Every Level

Spiritual leadership is the highest form of authority. The men and women who lead must have a personal heart for God in order to be able to discern the will of God and lead the ministry effectively.  Regardless of the skill of a leader, if he or she lacks a heart for God, the work will be eroded at its very foundation.

Reese Kauffman, CEF® President

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more about reaching children in Davidson and Sumner Counties in Tennessee with the hope of Jesus Christ.

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